Wilford Woodruff's Witness

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Wilford Woodruff's Witness

The Development of Temple Doctrine 

Chapter 1 God Moves in a Mysterious Way

Chapter 2 Entering the Kingdom of God

Chapter 3 Kirtland and the Power of Elijah

Chapter 4 Baptism for the Dead and Rebaptism

Chapter 5 Temple Ordinances in Nauvoo

Chapter 6 The Lord’s House

Chapter 7 Exodus to a New Beginning

Chapter 8 The Endowment House and the Reformation

Chapter 9 First Temple in Utah

Chapter 10 A New Era Begins in St. George

Chapter 11 The Eminent Men and Women

Chapter 12 Temples and Trials

Chapter 13 Freedom of Religion

Chapter 14 The Kingdom of God or the Patriarchal Order

Chapter 15 Temples and the Manifesto

Chapter 16 Sealing and the Law of Adoption

Chapter 17 The Promises Made to the Fathers


Appendix 1:  Timeline of Wilford Woodruff’s Life