Missing endnote!

For those who purchased a first edition, or second printing, in 2014, I wanted to share updates included in the third printing released in 2015. 

The most important is the missing endnote #377 on page 104. It should have been placed at the end of the first paragraph, after the sentence which reads: "As a result, some polygamous and polyandrous-type sealings were simply spiritual, ceremonial connections, and the couple did not have any further interaction, while other couples were sealed in conjugal relationships and had additional children."377

377Polygamy is defined as having more than one spouse at the same time and includes both polygyny, a man having more than one wife, and polyandry, a woman having more than one husband. Historians disagree regarding the use of the term “polyandry” in describing Joseph Smith’s sealings to married women due to the fact that the extant records do not definitively state whether the women were sealed to him in a ceremonial or priesthood sense only or were also married to him in a physical, sexual, financial, and/or social sense. Relationships formed by these women through marriage to their first spouse (“for time” or life on earth) and sealing to Joseph Smith “for eternity” onlywith the sealing have no effect until the life hereafterwould be considered consecutive, not polyandrous marriages. However, the term polyandry is applicable to those women who left but did not divorce the husbands they had been married to civilly, and became the physical wives of men to whom they had been or were later sealed.